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May I introduce myself: my Name is Tatiana Muraviova-Zwilling, born 1970.Tatiana Muraviova-Zwilling

I studied icon painting in Moscow. Afterwards I worked for a long time as a children's book illustrator. My preferred technique
is "temperature", which is mainly used for icons. My paintings are characterized by calm colors and soft forms. Popular object templates are mainly animals and nature.

Since 2001 I now live in Austria, a country which gives me with her fascinating nature and citizens many new ideas for realizations.

My recent area of activity are t-shirts, which I paint with motives of all kinds with special fabric paint. Just have a look around
on my website and if you are interested in a picture or a t-shirt with a motive of your choice, please contact me by email.
More details you can find also along the following sites.

My website is in two languages (English, German) available, by clicking on the flags in the right upper corner you can switch between the languages.

best regards
Tatiana Muraviova-Zwilling